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In the name of God,

Welcome to Zarrin Dellan Carpet Company of Kashan. We proudly present our esteemed clients with exquisite and modern wool area rugs.

We bring you our products from the long and historically well-known hand-woven Persian rugs. Our new products in various contemporary designs were first introduced in 2019 in Iran.

Our products are made from a combination of 100% wool and silk (Grade 1 viscose).

The raw textile materials, wool and viscose, are dyed using the most technologically advanced techniques.

Our company cooperates with Mr. Ali Oskui, one of the best and most skilled designers of the modern era. In addition, all the stages of production, including washing, refining, binding, knotting, are done just like handmade rugs.

His designs consist of unique varieties with various patterns and colors. The benefits of machine-made wool rugs are hypoallergenic, easy to care for, come in a wide variety, reasonably priced, and compatible with different interior designs.

With the above-mentioned benefits, machine-made wool rugs are the best replacement for handwoven rugs.

We hope that by trusting our brand and our quality products, you will experience a better and more comfortable home.

We are ready to provide our services and products in domestic and international markets.

This is just the beginning of a never-ending journey…

Zarin Delan Carpet Co

Tehran office: No. 8, Unit 14, Jordan St., Tour Alley

Factory: Kashan, Zagros Industrial Town, Sardaran Boulevard, No. 586

Factory: No. 586, Sardaran Boulevard, Zagros Industrial Town, Kashan,Iran

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